WE NMS Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a information technology (IT) services company. The Company operates in three segments: IT Infrastructure Management Segment, IT Enabled Services and IT Products. Over the years we have dealt with many of the largest companies, retailers and dozens of private endeavors.

The IT Infrastructure Management Segment provides Facilities Management Services Module comprising of Systems Management, Network Management, and Desktop and Laptop Management etc.

The IT Services segment provides IT and IT enabled services. Examples of such business process are web-content development, back office management and network consultancy, Network Designing, Network Implementation, Network Security and System Integration as per the requirement of the client.

The IT Products segment provides servers, Network security, and networking installation. The Company is also a value added reseller of networking solutions and product.

Our Partners / Alliances
Provides round the clock support through the year with wide variety of computer devices such as Desktop Computers (Branded & Assembled Computers), Laptops, Notebook Computers and various high end machines and servers.
Network management is a broad range of functions including activities, methods, procedures and the use of tools to administrate, operate, and reliably maintain computer network systems. Strictly speaking, network Management does not include terminal equipment
Wireless Technology
Web Application Management
Over the past decade or so, the web has been embraced by millions of businesses as an inexpensive channel to communicate and exchange information with prospects and transactions with customers.
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